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Welcome to Showdown Sweden!

The official Swedish website for the racket sport with audible ball for both visually impaired and sighted people. Showdown is played by two players. The game is played on a rectangular table with goal pockets on both short sides. In the middle there is a net, normally consisting of a hard wooden screen or a hard transparent screen. The game is played with rackets and a ball. Inside the ball there are many small stainless steel balls to make it hearable.

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About Showdown in the world

Showdown is a really new sport that is growing very quickly around the world. It is best spread in Europe. Here is some information of the game around the world:


In Europe there are at least 20 countries playing showdown:
Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Turkey.

National Championships and other tournaments has following countries in Europe:
Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden.

The others hasn�t answered which sort of tournaments they play.


We know that people are playing in following countries:
Ghana (very new), Uganda, South Africa, Kenya and Morocco.
How much they play we don�t really know today.


In Asia we know very little about the sport. The Phillipines has just started.
In Mongolia they are on their way to do it. In Barein, Kuwait they have bought table
and started some years ago. I have also heard that people from Sweden has taken the
sport to Iran in Kurdistan. China and Japan have also played a few years.
We have no more information about Asia. Only the leader in Philipines has contacted us.

Nothern America:

USA, Canada. James Mastro is educating showdown and building tables for it. He called it
Power-Showdown In USA. Their ambition is to held their first National Championships during

Canada is a very big country. There are some players around playing more for recreation.
Patrick York is trying to find sponsors for making Showdown more professional in Canada.
It�s not so easy. Far to travel over the big country.

South America:

Surinam has a little of Showdown started from Holland, I think.

In Columbia they have built their first showdown table and started playing showdown in December 2009. Matthieu Juglar from France has with enthusiasm helped them to start.

Numbers of players and tournaments:

In Europe there are about 500 Showdown players playing Showdown. In the other parts we don�t
really know today.

In Europe we have about 60 players who have played EC and WC. I think there is about the double
of that (120) who has played other international tournaments.

In Europe I think we every year has about 10-15 tournaments of international characters. There is
also youth games in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Perhaps there are more
but there is a lot of countries who not answers the questions.

IBSA Showdown Sub-Committee

Krister Olenmo, Sweden, Chairman; Maillot Foot Euro 2012 maillot de foot
Gerard den Otter, Netherlands; FC BARCELONE DOMICILE MANCHES LONGUES 2013-2014 maillot de foot
Petri R�bin�, Finland; SHORT DORTMUND DOMICILE maillot de foot
Zdenek Barlok, Czech Republic; PACK NOEL MAILLOTSHORT MILAN AC DOMICILE 2013/2014 maillot de foot

For the future it should be very good if we could have the favour to show our sport both during winter/summer Paralympicsan World Games. Patrick York tried very hard for Vancouver but we didn�t managed. Friedrich L�hl in France has ambitions to get the sport to 2012 in London. If there is possibilities to have our sport there I think that the sport will grow with very high speed in the other parts of the world also. The sport is not so expensive as much other things.

Krister Olenmo
Showdown Sub-Committee

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